Covid-19 Policies and Procedures


Subject to change based on federal, state and county regulations or at discretion of the owners (based on data driven decisions for the safety of our Hubbard’s Marina family)


  • If you are not feeling well, either guest or staff, you are not permitted to join
  • If you are in a venerable class we strongly encourage you to stay at home
  • 6ft minimal social distancing is REQUIRED
    • No handshakes, fist bumps or high fives
    • If you are in a group together traveling & staying together this does not apply among your group
  • We are limited numbers of guests our boats UNTIL START OF PHASE 3
  • We STRONGLY encourage all guests & staff to wear a mask, even if it is a fishing buff – not required, but highly encouraged to all – we sell masks & fishing buffs in our shop (while supplies last)
  • We encourage proper glove use (no cross contamination) but in the least heavy hand washing **20 seconds**
  • Proper hygiene during the visit is mandatory, wash hands & bring hand sanitizer (we sell it in the shop too)
  • We are limiting trip options, times and schedules are subject to change. Please make reservations so we can contact you if we need to adjust schedules
  • BE COURTEOUS and kind to those around you, please work with us to work with you
  • Realize things are going to be different, we need your cooperation & flexibility
  • Cooperation is key, we need your help to continue operating safely and healthy
  • All trips subject to weather, minimal number of fares & practical social distancing requirements. We reserve the right to change schedules, times and capacities as necessary to keep you safe and healthy
  • Cancellation policies are relaxed a bit, if you need to, you are able to cancel or transfer to a gift card for a future trip, or to another trip in the future. SO, IF YOU DON’T FEEL COMFORTABLE being on our boats you are not forced to join us at all but we need as much notice as possible! We have been closed for nearly 40 days and we are severely limiting our capacities so when you don’t call us with ample notice you are severely hurting our abilities to operate effectively. We will do our best to practice social distancing and keep you as safe as possible but keep in mind this is going to be difficult to control people’s actions and attitudes. However, if you are in a high-risk category or if you have underlying conditions, we encourage you NOT to come at this time. If you do not feel comfortable with our staff moving up and down the decks to maintain safety and proficiency of the trip around you then you should not join us.



**Due to the Social Distancing order, we have limited our capacity on our vessels to insure that we are practicing safe social distancing to help stop the spread of Covid-19**

  • 5 hour half day – LIMITED to 40 Passengers
    -65-70ft vessel that is licensed for 110+ passengers
  • 10 hour all day – LIMITED to 35 Passengers
    -65ft long vessel that is licensed for 110 passengers
  • 12 hour night – LIMITED to 35 Passengers
    -65ft long vessel that is licensed for 110 passengers
  • 12 hour extreme – LIMITED to 12 Passengers
    -46ft long vessel that is licensed for 24 passengers
  • 39 hour – LIMITED to 35 Passengers
    -72ft long vessel that is licensed for 120 passengers
  • 44 hour – LIMITED to 35 Passengers
    -72ft long vessel that is licensed for 120 passengers
  • 3 hour shelling – LIMITED to 40 Passengers
    -54ft long vessel that is licensed for 82 passengers
  • Shell key ferry – LIMITED to 35 Passengers
    -42ft long vessel that is licensed for 49 passengers
  • Egmont key – LIMITED to 35 Passengers
    -45ft long vessel that is licensed for 49 passengers
  • Dolphin watching – LIMITED to 40 Passengers
    -54ft long vessel that is licensed for 82 passengers
  • Sunset cruise – LIMITED to 40 Passengers
    -54ft long vessel that is licensed for 82 passengers

**Private Charters no restrictions on group sizes since they are all the same group coming from same unit – social distancing not required


  • Please utilize handwashing or hand sanitizer before entering office
  • Office is one-way traffic only, enter in front doors and exit through the back
  • Please listen to staff behind counter who will be directing traffic to different check in stations
  • Please cooperate with signage and taped arrow & lanes on the floor
  • Only one group allowed in front souvenir area shopping at a time
  • Only ONE group allowed in back tackle area shopping at a time
  • For checkout or check in at the registers, please listen to staff members
  • You will not be permitted free flowing movement in office for the safety of other patrons, we will have a flow of guests that requires your cooperation


  • We will load vessels by group in order that you arrived for your trip based on list created in office by staff as you check in – when you come in to check in and pay you are added to that boarding list – you and your entire group will board when one person’s name in your party is called
  • Inside cabin areas on all boats are closed to guests, everyone must be prepared to be outside in open air deck areas (keep in mind shade is available on deck too)
  • Social distancing between people outside your immediate group in imperative and required
  • HANDWASHING stations on boats required in multiple locations, buckets with heavy bleach/water solution
  • Fishing spots are NOT guaranteed – we will need to spread guests out – the spot you booked may not be the spot you are assigned for the trip
    • This means if you have a specific spot booked do not count on fishing from that spot
    • We will do our best to keep you in the general area, but we may have to move you
    • However, each group will be permitted to fish together, but space must be left between groups
    • Cooperation is required by all patrons, we appreciate your flexibility
    • You will find out where your new spot is prior to boarding, there is no way to do this in advanced
  • on dolphin tours, sunset tours, island trips and others – no spots guaranteed as well, first come first served and all guests must practice social distancing with people outside their groups
  • Bunk spots on 39 & 44 hour trips are NOT guaranteed – we will need to spread guests out
    • Downstairs enclosed cabin area is super limited on bunking, it will be first come first serve to those who originally booked downstairs
    • If you booked upstairs bunks you will not be permitted to move downstairs during boarding
    • If you booked downstairs you will be boarding in order that you arrived and limited bunking downstairs will be first come first serve
    • Upstairs bunking in open air cabin will be spaced out as best we can
  • Galley areas on the boat are open for food & drink sales, but each vessel will have specific areas for ordering and each vessel food and drink will be consumed on outside open air decks.
  • DURING DAY TRIPS (5 & 10hr trips) on the big fishing boats, inside cabin areas will be closed to the public. This is for your safety, passengers will only be permitted in open air cabin or outside on open air decks. **if extenuating circumstances arise such as rain or sea spray cabin may open for brief period and social distancing strictly enforced**
  • During 39 and 44 hour trips cabin area will strictly be for sleeping and for access to your baggage or coolers inside the cabin. Please utilize hand-washing or hand sanitizer before entering cabin area. No one will be permitted to hangout in the cabin unless they are laying in a bunk to sleep. Upstairs open-air cabin will not have this restriction, but entire vessel under social distancing guidelines.


  • Please follow and ENFORCE all guidelines listed above + the ones to follow – you are required to know, adhere to and enforce all policies and procedures outlined on this page
  • We will encourage all staff to wear face coverings throughout your time at Hubbard’s Marina and on the vessels
  • Must wash hands often & use sanitizer as often as practically possible on area of operations
  • Social distancing still applies to you guys too, please keep 6ft distance between you unless there’s safety sensitive issues at hand on the boats
  • You must enforce and facilitate strict social distancing requirements between groups on property & vessels
  • No one permitted in office unless necessary
  • NO ONE besides Jason, Amanda, Dylan or the scheduled staff reservations team permitted behind counter
  • Sanitize EVERYTHING OFTEN as possible – hand washing stations on boats must be maintained often with fresh water and bleach solutions