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Egmont Key Ferry

If you want to spend some time on a beautiful pristine island paradise, the ferry to Egmont key state park from Fort De Soto is a great choice for you and your family for a day of fun in the sun with Hubbard’s Marina. Our ferry boat operates from the Fort De Soto bay pier daily in the spring and summer and nearly every day in the fall and winter (check the schedule for exact times and days of availability). The ferry ride to the island is about twenty five to thirty minutes and offers great chances to spot dolphins, sea turtles, and sometimes even manatees! We also often spot sea birds on the ride to and from Egmont Key Island aboard the Tampa bay ferry or our big green boat.

Once on the island, Egmont key offers great shelling, swimming, and exploring opportunities. There is even a large fort on the island named fort Dade. This fort dates back to the Spanish American war era and is spread out along the island’s interior. Egmont key is also home to a large population of native gopher tortoise. These large slow moving tortoise are an endangered species so you can’t touch them, but they make for great photos as you spot them throughout the islands interior.

Egmont Key is also home to a large nature preserve nearly half of the island is blocked to guests allowing the native seabirds and sea turtles a section of undisturbed beach. This nature preserve area is home to tons of nesting birds and nesting turtles and we cruise around it when you take the snorkeling cruise option.

The snorkeling cruise is another option while out on the island with us at Hubbard’s Marina. The snorkeling cruise is $15 per person and offers about an hour in the water for confident swimmers. We snorkel the sunken ruins of fort Dade, or the grass flat beds depending the weather and conditions at the island. The snorkeling cruise is first come first serve and you reserve this on your way out to the island on our boat. So if snorkeling is something you really want to do we recommend taking the earlier ferry ride to the island so you will definitely have a chance to get reserved on the snorkeling trip before it fills up to capacity. If you need to rent snorkeling gear (Mask, snorkel and fins) we will provide this to you for a $5 rental fee. This means for a ferry ride to the island, snorkeling and snorkel gear rental the entire trip is only $40 per adult and $30 for kids 11 and under since kids are half price or ten dollars on the ferry boat to the island. Kids and adults are all $15 to snorkel since spots are limited on that cruise.

If you’d like to take a ferry ride to Egmont key with us, pack like your spending the day at the beach bring sunscreen, towels, bathing suits, and sun protective hats, shirts and other gear. Egmont key is a pristine island there isn’t a bathroom or any type of shop on the island so make sure to come prepared with a cooler full of water, food and drinks or you can pre purchase a lunch box option for $9.99 when your making your reservation at least 24 hour in advanced. The lunch option includes a sandwich, bag of chips, granola bar, soda, and water! The boat has a bathroom so when on the island you can always come back to the boat to use the bathroom or buy snacks, soda and water from the galley on board the boat.

You cannot bring alcohol, glass, pets, kites, or drones to the island because it is a state park and these items are prohibited.

The kits and drones are not allowed due to it being a wildlife preserve.

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